Business Coaching

Success is not just a goal, but a journey we embark on together

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Trudy Heins, a certified Business Coach with 25 years of experience running, building and selling businesses.

At Running the Numbers, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships, and our alliance with Trudy Heins exemplifies this commitment. Through an invitation-only basis, we extend our services to clients seeking to elevate their business strategies and unlock their full potential.


Why Choose Business Coaching with Trudy Heins?


Personalised Guidance

Trudy Heins brings a wealth of experience tailored to your unique business challenges and goals.

Strategic Insights

Gain access to invaluable insights and proven strategies that drive growth and sustainability.


Stay on track and accountable to your objectives with expert guidance and support.


Unlock untapped potential and foster a mindset of innovation, resilience, and success.


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