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1. Personal Details

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Postal code

Tax File Number

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Date of Birth

What is your occupation?

What are your bank account details? (For EFT of refund. please prove BSB, Account Number and Name)

Do you have health insurance?

Upload your private health insurance statement here (if available)

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Do you have a spouse?

2. Employment income and Expenses

Payment Summary Details

Work related motor vehicle expenses (log book details or total km travelled):

Work Related Travel Expenses

Did you work from home during the year? If so, how many hours? (or provide home office %)

Please provide details of any other work related deductions here:

Upload any work related supporting documents here:

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Government Pensions & Allowances Received:

Interest Income:

Dividend Income:

Partnership and Trust Income:

Any assets sold?


Tax Agent Fees paid:

List any other income or expenses or tax offset information here (Foreign Income, ESS issues, income protection insurance etc)

3. Sole Trader Details

Did you receive any business (ABN) income:


List Business Income and Expenses here or upload below:

Upload Business Income and Expenses here:

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4. Rental Details

Do you have rental property income?

What is the address of your rental property/ies?

When did the property/ies first earn income?

List Rental Income and Expenses here or upload below

Upload supporting rental documents here:

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If you have any other information or notes for us, please type them below:

Please attach any relevant supporting documentation that you would like us to review here (we do not need to see all original receipts, but you must retain them for your records)

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What happens next?

Thank you for choosing Running the Numbers to assist with the your income tax affairs.

Once you have submitted your information you will receive a confirmation that we have received your information. along with a copy of our engagement agreement for signing. We will review the information and let you know if we have any questions.

Once your return is complete (generally within 3 business days) you will receive a copy of your income tax return for review along with our invoice for payment. Please note that we do not offer a fee from refund service and payment is requested prior to lodgement of your income tax return.

Our prices are as follows:

-Standard Income Tax Return $130 (Employee/Centrelink with basic interest/dividends and deductions)
– Standard Income Tax Return and Rental property $230
– Standard Income Tax Return and Sole Trader Income from $242 (no GST) , from $275 (GST Registered)

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