2022-23 Federal Budget Highlights

The 2022-23 Federal Budget is a safe, ballot box friendly Budget as expected with a focus on cost of living, home ownership and health.

Key Initiatives include fuel excise cuts, the living tax offset and increased deductions for training and digital adoption.

Understanding the Basics of Personal Income Tax

Do you understand your personal income tax, what you have to declare, and how much you can claim?

We can help get your taxable income correct, maximise allowable deductions and get the best tax return.

New Family Trust Tax Rules – Will the Changes Impact You?

The ATO’s new directives on the taxation of trust distributions mean it’s essential to review arrangements before the new rules start on 1 July 2022.
Book a planning session to ensure you’ve got the best beneficiary arrangement for your family.

Christmas Parties and Presents – and Tax!

Planning a Christmas party? Giving gifts to clients and suppliers? Paying a Christmas bonus? Talk to us to see if you can claim all or part of the cost as business expenses. Don’t get caught out by tricky entertainment rules!

Company Director? You’ll need a Director Identification Number

New laws mean company directors need to get a unique director ID number from November 2021

Talk to us if you have any questions about the new registration requirement.

2021 Year End Tax Tips for Individuals

Are you making the most of your allowable tax deductions? Individuals can claim for general work-related expenses as well as occupation-specific expenses and working from home. Book a time now to prepare for your 2020 tax and we’ll help maximise your return.

Key points in the Federal Budget 2021-2022

The Federal Budget 2021-22 is all about economic recovery, including tax cuts, business incentives and investment in training. Many changes in the budget can benefit individuals and business owners. Talk to us to find out how the changes impact you.

Tax Tips for small businesses

Need help with maximising your business deductions? This year it’s important to get your records and tax return correct because of the unusual business circumstances and JobKeeper. We can help make tax time easy.

New Property Investor Tips

As you start your property investing journey, you will find different opinions in every corner and an overwhelming amount of information. The secret to getting on the front foot is keeping it simple. With over twenty years of experience in the property industry, we share BMT Tax Depreciation’s top four tips for new investors. 1. 

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